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Experience the magic of music with Djane MEELA

Experience the magic of music with DJane MEELA, an artist who knows how to transport her listeners to another world. Her passion for electronic sounds and her unique style make her a true master of her craft. With her energetic performance, DJane MEELA never fails to get the audience dancing.

Her sense of rhythm and melody is unparalleled, leaving no one standing still. As soon as she takes her place behind the turntables, every space turns into a dance floor. However, it's not just her musical abilities that captivate her audience – visually, she also knows how to impress.

Whether at major festivals or exclusive events – when DJANE MEELA is at the decks, good vibes are guaranteed! She brings a breath of fresh air.

The magic of music lies in experiencing moments full of energy and emotions together! So let yourself be enchanted by the sound of DJane MEELA - dive into her world of pulsating beats and euphoric bass! Experience an unforgettable evening full of rhythmic highlights with this extraordinary artist.

In addition to well-known house hits, MEELA also plays bootleg versions of old songs in the house sound.In collaboration with the company SC-Media Rent, no technical wish remains unfulfilled.

With the band Groovin Affairs, DJane MEELA also goes on tours, enchanting people at major events. In collaboration with KAMERAKUNST, she has a top photographer by her side who can be booked for the occasion.

MEELA's sound is contemporary and perfectly suits the needs of today's audience. Her reliability and professional demeanor are a given for her.

Book DJane MEELA now for your next event and experience firsthand how she gets the crowd rocking!Every event is unique and as special as the music.

MEELA knows exactly how to move on different parquet. The right music for the

suitable atmosphere.

With the magic of joy and smiles on their faces, MEELA radiates positive energy and draws people into their musical magic.

In cooperation with the company SC-Media Rent no technical wish remains open.

Djane MEELA makes the dance floor shake with House Music.

With the band Groovin Affairs Djane MEELA also goes on tour and enchants people at gala evenings and corporate events. 

In cooperation with KAMERAKUNST, she has a top photographer at her side.

Also the house sound with bootleg versions resounds through. Not always the hits are played only in the original sound. 

The time, the music and the people have changed. Thus, the sound of MEELA is also timely correct. Reliability and professional appearance is a matter of course.

MEELA - The sound at your event.

Warm Up - Band Grooven Affairs
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