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MEELA is the magic at every event and party.

A great party is no coincidence. The right choice of music is a skill, the right song at the right time is the feeling. Making hearts jump is the experience and talent.

Whether at major events like the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, the ME Hotel in Ibiza, at VFL Bochum, the CSD Parade in Cologne, the Porsche presentation, or the Gamescom in Cologne, MEELA doesn't let a foot stand still. Where DJane MEELA captivates people with music, the ground trembles.

DJane MEELA is not only the magic at every event and party but also the embodiment of the secrets of the night. A good party doesn't just happen by chance. The right choice of music requires know-how because playing the right song at the right time means having a feel for the moment. DJane MEELA masters this art masterfully. With a father as a musician, she grew up with music in her heart and stepped on a stage for the first time at the age of six. This allowed DJane MEELA to delve deeper into the world of musical events.

With Meela's unique musical style, your event becomes an unforgettable experience. Her captivating beats and catchy melodies put the audience in a euphoric mood that spreads throughout the entire space. But it's not just her musical abilities; it's also her charisma as a DJane that makes her so special. With her positive aura, she immediately captivates everyone and ensures that every guest feels welcome – whether young or old.

With her own song "MAGIC MUSIC" she hits the nail on the head, capturing what connects people through music. The lyrics of the song were inspired by her observations during her performances and describe the feelings and needs of people when it comes to music.

Book Meela now as your DJane for your next event and experience firsthand how she gets the crowd rocking!

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